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Are you a nature lover looking for a unique experience?

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LOVE Lavender??

We're the Swanson family and we're a lot like you!
We've always had a love for the great outdoors.

When we moved to Virginia in 1999, we grew cut flowers for the local farmer’s markets and florists during the summer months. It was our way of filling that need to be in touch with the natural world.

After nearly a decade, in 2008, we visited our first lavender farm and fell in love. Why?

Because it was so sensory!

The sight of dozens of rows of lavender, the SMELL of dozens of rows of lavender, the touch of the soft petals and earth beneath our feet, the sound of birds and the breeze. It was everything our souls were craving that we never knew we needed.

And in 2009, we planted our first lavender plants.

It was a long 3 year wait before we were able to finally sell our first cuttings but we quickly became obsessed. In 2010, we started creating spaces for people to wander and relax and by 2012, the farm was open for the community’s enjoyment.

When we realized that people love interacting with plants as much as we do, that was our big “aha!” moment. Smelling, touching, listening…they are a part of the simple joy of life, no wonder!​

Evergreen Lavender Swanson Family Photo

Ken, Bonnie, Jude,  & Adam

We are extremely passionate about two things:
people & plants.

Before starting our own lavender farm, Bonnie spent 27 years as a teacher which prepared her for educating the public in a kind and compassionate way.

Over the years, we've learned we love making people feel welcome as soon as they get here. We are never too far away to answer questions, make suggestions, and show you how to best enjoy your visit.

Proud members of:

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United States Lavender Growers Association
Virginia Cooperative Extension: Master Gardeners logo
Appomattox Master Gardeners Club
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Florida Native Plant Society

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Breathe in the heavenly scent of lavender.